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Video Counselling, the next great thing?

I recently signed up with a start-up offering counselling using the computer. It isn't SKYPE but is similar to it using a secure platform and confidentiality. What appealed to me was the motivation for this service. It is co-designed by a Family Doctor (MD) who can only see patients for psychotherapy on one day a week- if that. He is looking for dedicated therapists with the professional credentials interested in offering this service to clients who may have financial or mobility issues ( or any other number of reasons) and would prefer to see a therapist via the webcam rather than in an office.

Of course many of you know that I already offer Home Visits, but this will be another service I can provide, even though I still consider myself a novice in this area.

Currently, this service will be at a reduced fee, which should make it very appealing.

I suggest you check out:

Let me know what you think? Is this a service that appeals to you? Any constructive feedback is welcome.
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