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About Grief and Therapy

The experience of grief and bereavement expresses itself in many ways as a result of deep felt loss. Whether your own loss is a result of a death, chronic illness (yours or someone else), job redundancy, betrayal, having to leave your home and create a new life elsewhere or family breakdown, it is difficult for you to remember a time when you felt strong enough to move through your day with ease. You are struggling to regain your sense of self and feel trapped in “what was” and wonder if you dare contemplate a better “what could be”. Those of us who understand loss appreciate the emptiness, fatigue and profound ache in your heart. We know the struggle it takes to invest in another day. It is rare that a person can overcome these challenges on their own. I will try to help you regain your own inner resources to move step by step, towards a life filled with strength and hope.

My approach draws on the positive things a person may already be doing in their life but not be aware of. With support and practise a person will be more motivated to repeat these small successes and do more of them. The problems become less severe and people feel more hopeful about themselves and their life. Clients are viewed as competent and resourceful, resilient experts on their own life, and the task of our meeting is to build on these existing resources.